Wednesday, January 27, 2010

VW Van

VW Van, originally uploaded by mhall209.

Who doesn't love an old VW van? Well, OK I MAY be showing my age here, but I really love these old things. I came on this one on a walk with my wife while experimenting with this old film medium format camera. In this case, I really really like the color the film produces. It sort of gives it an old school look. It was really difficult to get this shot. When you look in the viewfinder of these old school cameras everything is backwards. You have to turn left to go right because you are looking in a mirror. And up is down and down is up and nothing is as it seems it should be! AArrggghhhh! Oh, and don't forget- nothing is automatic- apreature, shutter speed, focus, ASA. Did you forget something. And NO ZOOM! You have to actually frame the shot in the viewfinder! I think if I keep using this camera I might just become a better photographer!

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