Saturday, January 2, 2010


Duck, originally uploaded by mhall209.

Last spring our college aged son brought home 5 ducks. Just because. One of the ducks died fairly soon after, but the remaining four ducks-three female and one male- have thrived. Each morning someone goes out to our "barn" and lets the ducks and chickens out. If you manage to do this before the sun comes up you are greeted with a few quiet quacks. The later you go to let them out, the louder the quacks become. Around eight o'clock in the morning the quacks turn into a full fledged scolding! The scolding does not end until you are back in the house.If the ducks see you again that day they are sure to remind you of your lateness with another scolding.

I really enjoy these ducks and photograph them regularly. I like the texture of the feathers and the S curve of their necks and heads. I am seeing that each of them have a different colored bill as well.

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