Thursday, January 14, 2010


Flight, originally uploaded by mhall209.

I was going to take a different route home today, just to see if I could find something new and different to shoot. At the last moment I turned left, and took the usual way home. This bird was sitting on a fence around a vineyard, and he (she?) did not want me to take a picture. I would pull over raise my camera, and poof, the bird is gone. I would drive on find a safe spot to turn around, and the process would repeat. I got this shot on about the fifth attempt.

I dont know if this is an eagle or hawk. Do you?


  1. Looks like a red-tailed hawk to me.

  2. Looks kind of like a golden eagle, but I am not sure on size. Your story sounds familiar. I did that with a hawk once. Everytime I got close and pointed the camera he would head down to the next power pole.

  3. Depends on size. By the looks of that tail, I'm thinking red tailed hawk, but maybe because we don't have Goldens in our area that often. How big was it?