Saturday, July 10, 2010

Portland Engine 3

Engine 3<>, originally uploaded by mhall209>

Our last night in Portland. We went out to dinner, which was difficult. So many wonderful looking restaurants within walking distance. We had a great dinner and went for a walk afterwards. We were walking down the street when we heard a crashing sound. We looked up in time to see a man tumbling over a sign, and went face first into the asphalt. He was out cold.

A number of people came to his aid, and I could see a number of folks on the phone to 911. Whatever did we do before cell phones. Other folks were providing appropriate aid, so we continued on our walk. We were several blocks away when the fire engine raced by. Fortunately the guy had fallen just one block from the hospital emergency room entrance. So he was well cared for pretty quickly.

Made for an exciting evening.

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