Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Peaches, originally uploaded by mhall209.

It is peach season! We stop at a peach stand on the way home from work as often as we can. It is actually a house, and they have converted their back patio into a farm stand. It is an older german couple who live there. Each time we come there are several different types of peaches and a small assortment of other fruits and vegetables. As the season progresses the types of peach varieties will change. Today I bought June Bride and White Lady peaches, along with an unnamed yellow plum that the lady said her son found as a seedling.

I asked one time how many peaches they grow, and the old man said they have well over 100 different named varieties, but he hadn't counted in a while. I believe him, And everyone one of them are delicious. The only problem is you can only buy a one or two day supply as they pick them dead ripe and the peaches go bad quickly. But boy are they good! Fresh peaches from now till October!

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