Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pretzel got a haircut

Pretzel got a haircut, originally uploaded by mhall209.

With the warming weather the goats needed a haircut. Fortunately I have a son who came home from college, took out the goat shears, and got to work. All I had to do is come home and bam, done. So the goats have fresh haircuts and fresh pasture. At this time of year they have free range along the Jesus Maria creek. Lots of fresh running water and tons of fresh green stuff to eat. The goats are living large!


  1. Hi Mark! When I read the post above I thought you were going to say that your son gave YOU a haircut with the goat shears! :)

    What kind of camera do you use? Are you familiar with the dual view Samsung digital cameras? If so, are they a good choice for novice photog?

  2. Great picture! Do you have to trim the horns? College sons can be so helpful.

  3. Hey Kim. I am sure there are lots of things my son would like to do to me with the goat shears at times! But he's a good kid.

    I am shooting with a Canon EOS, I am not familiar with the Samsung, sorry. In looking for a new camera I would look at the ability to change lenses! You run into limits real fast without this ability.

    Nedra- No, you don't trim horns on Angora goats. They often get lice (not the kind humans get) and need the horns to scratch with. So a hornless Angora is a miserable little creature!