Sunday, May 2, 2010

Gianini Barn

Gianini Barn, originally uploaded by mhall209.

This is an old family farm barn. It has been here for a really long time, and it is still used as a barn for a family cattle operation. I pass this almost every day, but have never stopped in part because there are very few places to safely pull over. But this morning, very early, I went out in search of barns to shoot.

This was a more difficult shot to get than I had planned. The sun had not yet come over the hills to the left, so it was a little dark. Perhaps I should have used a faster ISO, but on my LCD it all looked good. I did think to use a range of exposures; over exposing, underexposing, changing the aperature, and so on. In the end there was no really good shot straight off the camera, which was my goal. I had to bring it into Gimp and make some adjustments. Oh well. such is life.

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