Monday, May 17, 2010

Boer Goat

Boer Goat, originally uploaded by mhall209.

I have posted a number of images of our goats. The ones we now have are angora goats, which in the real world are raised for their hair, known as mohair. We raise them for their weed eating ability. Unfortunately our flock has dwindled to just two animals, and they are not able to keep up with their weed consuming responsibilities. We need more goats!

This goat is a Boer goat. These animals are raised for their meat. They are becoming more and more popular in our area. I think the next addition to our flock will be a couple of these animals. They eat lots and do not need regular haircuts. And you have to admit, they are kind of cute, too! And don't worry, we are not going to eat them. Probably.

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