Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Chapas Concessions

Chapas, originally uploaded by mhall209.

Behind the school I work at are the county fairgrounds. In the back of that is a storage area where you can find those trailers that are set up at fairs across the state selling hot dogs, cotton candy, and who knows what all. This truck is parked back in a corner of that area. It is about 4 blocks from school, and so far not one student has recognized the truck. I guess you just don't notice things when they have always been there.

In the fall I will be teaching a digital graphics course that will focus on the use of digital cameras. It is not really a photography course, but sort of a desktop publishing class that uses original images. Between now and then I need to gather example images for the course, and I want to emphasize the school neighborhood, and see if I can get the kids to see "the hood" differently.

So the images in this blog will probably start to change in the near future. Less country, more inner city. We'll see if you notice.

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