Sunday, May 23, 2010

Media van

Media van, originally uploaded by mhall209.

My wife likes to wander the streets of San Andreas. This scene is next door to a house she particularly likes. We have to drive by every now and then to "see if it is for sale yet." I don't know what is supposed to happen if it IS for sale, but I do as I am asked and drive by. A actually hope it is not for sale, because then she would be depressed that someone else is getting her dream house. That wouldn't be fun. The house she likes is pretty cool. It is on a large lot, maybe a 1/2 acre, and built in the early 1900's I would guess. Not too big, its just right for a couple.

But I didn't take a picture of that house, I took a picture of this barn and van. I have no idea what thie story is behind the van. I remember seeing vans like this when I was growing up. They would be at things like the town Christmas parade or high school football games. People would stand on top with video cameras and film the event. I suppose this could have been one of those vans. I just love that the structure above the van is rust free. And dont miss the little stuffed bear on the dash board!

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