Saturday, May 1, 2010

cement plant

cement plant, originally uploaded by mhall209.

The Calaveras Cement plant was closed in 1983, after producing cement since 1925. Since closing it has sat empty, and untill recently, untouched. A yeay or two ago they demolished some of the remaining buildings. (OK they blew them up.) It looks like they begam tearing these silos down but stopped. I have no idea why, But these silos are still standing along the side of the road. Fenced off, but huge holes in the walls.

As I was processing this photo I noticied two things, on one of the rails at the top of the silo sit a couple of birds. I cant tell what kind, but they are there, clear a day. And on the bottom, right at the edge of the pavement and grass, sits a Canadian Goose. Clear as day. Can you see it?

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