Tuesday, June 1, 2010

car fire

car fire, originally uploaded by mhall209.

I had to drop my son off at the airport this morning at an ungodly hour. On my way back I saw some smoke, and having some time to kill I wound my way around an unfamiliar neighborhood, and arrived at this seen, except no one was there. No one. It was a car that was fully involved- nothing I could do but call 911, which I did. The Sacramento City Fire Engine 6 was there pretty quickly, and so I grabbed my camera and started shooting. It was pretty cool. Stuff was blowing up and I was getting some good shots!

I need more of these shots for my classroom this summer. I have been shooting a lot of rural scenes, but I need to be shooting exemplars for my students' work. I need shots that are relevant to them. Like this. I think I will use this shot in the photography lesson about filling the frame.

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  1. Beautiful. I reckon it'll be grand for the lessons.