Saturday, June 12, 2010

Crystal Graduated

Crystal Graduated, originally uploaded by mhall209.

I met Crystal about eight years ago when she was a freshman in the high school I worked at. Towards the end of her high school years she told me that she wanted me to go to her college graduation. I was luke warm at best, I told her we were very close then, but she would go off to college and I would ever hear from her again, like most of the students I have known. I told her that was a good thing, that she needs to move on with her life. SHe disagreed. She promised that she would stay in touch and come back to visit, abd thet I had to go to her graduation. I made a deal; if she stayed in touch, I would go.

Well she has stayed in touch. We are on each others facebook.(I dont think she has a twitter account) She comes by to visit me at school when she is in town when school is in session. She is one of very few former students who have been to my home. The rest of the students who have been here came with Crystal!

This weekend she graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and I was there. No question, my wife and I got in the car and drove the 6 hours each way to watch her graduate. We went to her apartment that evening for a little BBQ she was having for family and friends. It was a lot of fun, and I am very, very proud of her.

Good job Crystal!

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