Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Sunset, originally uploaded by mhall209.

So someone invited me to a group to take a photo at sunset today. I thought, hey I am gonna have time this evening, I can do that. So I signed up.
Well I forgot that my son "borrowed" my good camera and has it at school in San Francisco. The film camera was out of the question as it takes a good week and a half to get the film back. That leaves the crummy little camera from work.
Well I had a couple ideas to make it work, and get a really unique shot. The time had come, and just as I was shooting the sunset my wife called "dinner is ready!" Without even thinking there was a remote possibility I didn't get the shot I thought I got, I packed it up, came in and had dinner.
And an awesome dinner it was!
But I didn't get the shot I wanted. The shots I got were garbage. Pure junk. Now what to do, I promised a sunset shot! Back outside I went, and this is what was left of the sunset. Not much, but it was today, and it was sunset. Oh well.
But the dinner was awesome, really!

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