Tuesday, March 2, 2010


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The area I live is famous for the gold rush that occured beginning with James Marshall's gold discovery in 1848. Hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children rushed to California in search of gold. Some people became rich, though most of them did so not by mining but by selling goods and services to the miners. The 49rs, as they are now known, did not get all of the gold. There is still plenty of gold free for the taking in the many rivers and streams in the area. We have a gold bearing creek in the backyard. But it is WAYYYYYYto much work to pull the gold out.
But I digress. The miners left many other signs of there presence. Besides the physical scars on the land- hydro mining cliffs, tailing piles, and mine shafts, there are many cool buildings and cemeteries. This statue of a little girl is in a local catholic graveyard that is often neglected. Many of the statues like this one were placed here 150 years ago.

I like going into these areas to read the names, look at the dates, and just wonder what the people were like.

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