Monday, April 5, 2010

Mokelumne Hill Barn HDR

Mokelumne Hill Barn HDR, originally uploaded by mhall209.

It is my last day of spring break. Bummer. To top it off it was going to snow last night, and my wife had to go to work this morning. She asked my to get up with her this morning and drive her to town so she wouldn't have to drive in the snow. She really does not like to drive in the snow. So what is a husband to do? I got up and drove her to town, where we had left her car last night.

So that out me outside-below the snow line- early on an overcast morning. So I made the best of the situation, bought a latte, and went shooting! This was one of the last shots I took. It was about a quarter mile below the snow line. The light was just right so I took a series of exposures and put them together as an HDR image.

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