Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Bar Stool, originally uploaded by mhall209.

Along Highway 99 in the north part of Stockton, Ca, sat a chicken restaurant/ghost town/tourist trap called Pollardville. It was a different kind of place, sort of an old school poor mans Knotts Berry Farm. By the time it made its way onto our families radar, it was about ready to close. By that time it was not the most appetizing place around, so we never ate there that I remember. But to look at web sites, it seems it was a happening spot for many years. It is slated for demolition any day now.

I stopped by and found a section of fence that someone forgot to, um, fence. An opening in the fence means the same as "Come on in", right? So I wandered in and was quicklly sorry I did. Man, the smell! I was sure something was dead. I didn't stay too long- it was really a scary place to be all alone. I got this shot around back, where what looked like a bar used to be. It sat right there, like you see it. I was not about to walk on those floor boards to go over and move the chair. I was afraid I would fall through the floor and land on something dead!

This place really is ready for the bulldozers. Really.

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