Saturday, April 3, 2010


Cadillac, originally uploaded by mhall209.

We went out to dinner tonight in the town of Sonora, a large town (by our standards) about an hour south of our home. My wife and I were early and decided to walk around the town while we waited for our sons to arrive. Thats why I came across this parking lot with not one,, but three old Cadillacs. Each of them were from a decidedly different era. I am not a car guy, but there was no mistaking these three were different. While there was nothing in the lot but the three caddys, this is the only one I could get a good shot of, given the ca,era and lens set up I had at the time. I was encouraged enough by the town that I may just head back just to take photos in the next few days.

I really took this shot because it reminds me of some of the shots my brother takes. You can see his photostream here. He really gets into the car shots. This is my poor attempt at his work.

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