Sunday, April 18, 2010

Joseys Truck

Joseys Truck, originally uploaded by mhall209.

I wanted to get out in the evening for some shots, but waited a bit too long. It was getting dark fast. I was specifically looking for falling down buildings, and I thought I remembered some old barns in this neighborhood. Seems it had been a while since I was in this particular area as all the old falling down buildings had finally fallen down and were gone. I did come across one barn that had some obvious age to it so I turned around to find a safe place to park. The turning around turned out to be the key. Back behind the barn was this truck.

I set up the tripod; the truck was way off behind a couple barbed wire fences. I needed a telephoto, and it was all but dark, meaning a very long exposure was in order. I took a few shots with different views and different aperature settings, the longest was 30 seconds. When I got home I noticed the saw blade in the back, and the tire in where the seat should be. It was too dark when I took the shot to see those.

When we first moved to this area I bought firewood from Gary, the guy who owns this land. He told me that his grandfather had bought the ranch he lives on back when granps had graduated from high school. Fifty dollars is the number I seem to remember. The ranch is hundreds of acres. It has been in the family ever since. Gary told me that his grandpa ran cattle and sold timber back in the day. I'd bet dollars to donuts that saw balde is from Gary's grandpa's saw mill.

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