Sunday, February 28, 2010

DD Ranch

DD Ranch, originally uploaded by mhall209.

I live in Calaveras County where the economy is pretty strongly based in agriculture. In the last couple decades the agriculture has shifted to wine and agritourism. There are still a lot of huge family run cattle and sheep operations. It is kind of ironic, since I know of no steak restaurants in the county. And you can not get a lamb chop even in a grocery store! Fortunatly you can get local grown wine anywhere. And it is good!

This ranch sits on the western edge of the county right along Highway 4, the primary route into and out of the county. People use this barn as a sort of a waymarker; when you get to the DD ranch, you're here!

I have shot this ranch before, but I wanted to stop again because of the light and clouds on this day, and to try an HDR image. Oh, and if you are into geocaching, there is a cach in this image, but I am not telling you where!

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  1. Maybe we will do a little caching on our way down at the end of the month. Beautiful shot.